For Patients

Referral Process for Medication Assisted Treatment:

To be admitted to our program please call Crooked River Counseling at 647-5600 or our Rumford office at 364-2100. When you call you will be asked a series of questions like your name, address, date of birth, and the reason you are seeking services. An appointment will then be scheduled for you at our earliest available appointment. Upon admission, program requirements, treatment options, and available services that fit your needs will be discussed with you and we will begin the assessment process.

Generally, it takes 2-3 sessions for the assessment to be completed, and these sessions could be conducted on consecutive days (except DEEP clients). You may have a different counselor conducting parts of the assessment with you but this is part of Crooked River’s effort to help you feel comfortable at the office with any counselor that is available. You will be assigned a primary counselor however we encourage you to speak with or meet with any of our counselors available should you need to if your primary counselor is unavailable. 


Upon completion of the assessment the counselor will discuss with you the results and make treatment recommendations to you based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s recommended treatment protocols. This recommendation may include referring you to an agency that can better serve your treatment needs if we cannot. If you are a person seeking admission and a referral to one of the suboxone prescribing physicians we refer to, you are required to remain in counseling and follow our Integrated Care Model. This means we will collaborate very closely with your physician and approach your treatment needs as a team.

You are expected to be an active participant on the team and in your treatment. Often an appointment for your individual counseling can be made at the same office you see your physician and counselors can coordinate your appointment times. Case presentations are done on Tues, Weds, Thurs, and Fridays, and are made after completion of the assessment and treatment is agreed upon. You will be referred to the physician that can best serve your needs including being closest to where you live or how quickly an appointment is available.


We truly care about your well-being and are glad you chose Crooked River Counseling to assist you on your journey of recovery.